Data-Driven Journalism: Status and Outlook

Data-driven Journalism: What is There to learn?
Organized by the European Journalism Centre

Opening – Mirko Lorenz: Five Ws (and one H)

Premise: data provides a new perspective for journalism.
Where do journalists meet within the new field of data-driven journalism? What is their common ground? Programming journalists versus storytelling journalists.

Data-driven journalism (DDJ) is a workflow, where data is the basis for analysis, visualization and storytelling.

Foggy: Platforms, tools, formats, business models, financing.

Data > filter > visualize > story (value to the public chain)

DDJ as the rescue for the old journalism model of subscriptions and ads that has fallen apart? The future directions of DDJ:
– Reduce time to search
– Minimize need to reformat
– Enable decisions (eg politicians, oil cleaning companies)
– Detect anomolies earlier
– Be trustable

How? DDJ is in search of insights how to structure their material better in platforms like Holovaty/Everyblock. Inspiration: Alexander L. Holley (1832-1882) who had a deep interest in technology, trained as an engineer and writer, and a foreign technical correspondent for the New York Times. 

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