The Wired Graveyard

My colleague Esther Weltevrede has compiled this excellent list of things Wired has declared dead over the past years.

Wired: intitle:”* is dead”

The Wired Graveyard:
The Web Is Dead
Futurism Is Dead
Skype on Fring Is Dead
The desktop is dead
“Cyberspace” Is Dead
Devo Is Dead
Copyright Dead
DRM Is Dead
The Police Interceptor Is Dead.
Cthulhu Is Dead
Pontiac is Dead
Advertising Dead?
The Viper is Dead
Missile Defense Is Dead
The Western Blot is Dead
eDonkey Is Dead
‘Long-Term Accumulate’ Is Dead
WiFi is Dead
Garfield is Dead
Rock Is Dead
Tim Russert is Dead
Divx Is Dead
Paper Is Dead
iTunes Dead?
The Album Is Dead
The Tivo Box Is Dead
Code Red Is Dead
PDA Is Dead
The Creator of the Ramen InstaNoodle Is Dead
Is Interactive Dead?
The TV Is Dead

Thanks @esthr!

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