Jonathan Gray: Open Data and Data Driven Journalism

Session 1: Data Production, Usage and Integration

From rivalrous goods (print) to non-rivalrous goods (bits).
We need to move beyond datasets used to illustrate reports.

There is an opportunity for an ecosystem of open data:
– small pieces, loosely joined
– easy to reuse, easy to recombine
– lots of contributors/maintainers
– distributed, decentralised
– divide and conquer
– revision, itirative, wiki like

Making the news:
– Finding new stories in datasets
– Bigger picture by linking datsets
– More pairs of eyes to spot patterns
– Harnessing more external expertise
– Analysing data behind the stories
– Responding to interest from public
– Putting stories into context
– Publishing datasets wihh stories
– Create new interfaces to data and stories

Spreading the news:
– Visually representing data
– Demand driven delivery
– Datasets for others to reuse
– Enabling users to comment flag
– Integration with other services
– Connecting data to stories

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