Slides: Track the Trackers Workshop. Digital Methods Summer School 2012 #dmi12

Together with colleague Carolin Gerlitz I gave a workshop on Track the Trackers (based on our previous work) at the Digital Methods Summer School 2012.

In this short workshop you will learn how to map the cookie ecology related to a set of websites using the DMI Tracker Tracker tool and Gephi. The Tracker Tracker tool was conceived at the Digital Methods Winterschool 2012 in January. It is build on top of the anti-tracking plugin Ghostery and allows to identify the invisible web, devices that track user activities online and the services associated to them. In order to prepare for this workshop we recommend reading the related projects and materials listed below. Please download and install Gephi before the workshop starts so you can also learn how to visualize your results.

[slideshare id=13458719&doc=trackingthetrackersworkshopslidesnew-120626093222-phpapp02]

On the Track the Trackers wiki page we documented related materials, readings and research. Please leave a comment if you have additional suggestions.

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