Celebrating two thousand del.icio.us bookmarks

It’s been over six months since I celebrated my first thousand bookmarks on del.icio.us. Time flies when you are having fun because I didn’t even notice I crossed the 2,000 bookmarks two days ago.

But I cordially invite you to my belated “2,000 del.icio.us bookmarks” party! The center of attention today is nr. 2000:

Essential Blogging – Google Book Search edit / delete
to blogging corydoctorow book … 2 days ago

I am currently writing my MA thesis on Blog Software and I was looking for an article which I thought was titled ‘The Anatomy of a Blog.’ Google served me Cory Doctorow’s book on Essential Blogging which contains a piece on ‘The Anatomy of a Blog’ and ‘The Anatomy of a Blog Post.’ Great, but then I remembered the article I was looking for was Meg Hourihan’s ‘What We’re Doing When We Blog‘ which contains a paragraph on ‘The Anatomy of a Post.’

Thanks to del.icio.us for enabling this party. Now I really need to get back to work.

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