Photos Blip Festival 2007 @ The Tank, New York City

Alex Mauer @ Blip Festival

Last night I went to the Blip Festival at the Tank in New York. It was a great evening filled with chipmusic, 8bitlovers, geeky do-it-yourself-addicts and an abundant amount of Gameboys. I also met two great new media critics and fellow bloggers from kenspeckle & deeplinking.

8GB performing at the Blip Festival

Gijs Gieskes @ Blip FestivalBlip Festival
Gameboy @ Blip Festival8GB @ Blip Festival

I wrote a piece on the festival & Gijs Gieskes great performance for (thanks Rosa!)

More Blip Festival pictures at Flickr and videos at YouTube.

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  1. @Lauren: Enjoy your holidays and I will send you a link when it’s done (even though you might have to put it through the translation machine as it will be in Dutch.)

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