I’m violating Twitter’s Display Guidelines

Recently there has been quite some turmoil in the blogosphere concerning Twitter’s upcoming API changes. While reading the blogpost announcing some of the changes I noted that Twitter would be shifting from Display Guidlines to Display Requirements. When reading the current Display Guidelines I noticed that I am currently violating these guidelines by displaying tweets… Read more I’m violating Twitter’s Display Guidelines

Preparing for BLOG08

Tomorrow I will be attending BLOG08, a Dutch blog conference held in Amsterdam. As a blog researcher this is a conference I cannot miss. Due to my background I am particularly interested in the “non-commercial” panels such as Blogging and politics and Journalism versus/ hearth blogging and less interested in How to build a blog… Read more Preparing for BLOG08

Slides of my lecture on The Widgetized Self

Here are the slides of the lecture I gave at Mediamatic in Amsterdam yesterday titled ‘The Widgetized Self. Distributed identity and the role of software-engine relations in blogging.’ | View | Upload your own Easy embedding of the slideshow thanks to Joost de Valk’s great SlideShare WordPress plugin.