Blogging before the age of blog software

I have a question for all you die-hard bloggers out there: before there was blogging software, such as WordPress, how did you blog? Manually writing HTML and uploading it with FTP? Manually writing PHP? This question is related to my MA research on Blogs and Blogging Software (with a focus on WordPress) and I am really interested to hear what it was like before the age of blog software. I have read We’ve got Blog and there is some general information on the history of blogs but I am looking for a bit more detailed and technical description. (And if you have any spare time left: What are you using now? Is it an improvement over how you used to do it? What are the major differences you experience?) Thanks!

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Lorelle’s Blog Challenge: Testing Your Blog’s Development

Lorelle has another Blog Challenge: Testing Your Blog’s Development These are my results. Most of them don’t surprise me (I am a nobody in blogland), except for results of the keyword analysis. Tomorrow I will check the statistics of our Masters of Media site. Live PageRank Alexa Rank: 2,777,061 Google Backlinks: ~21 Average PR: 1.1 | Max PR: 2 | Min PR: 1

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Photo gallery online

Thanks to Zenphoto and the ZenPress WordPress plugin I have finally put some of my photos online! This clean looking gallery and nicely working plugin were brought to my attention by Lorelle’s great and extensive post on WordPress Plugins for Images, Photographs, and Graphics. I ditched Gallery 2 (way too much hassle to manually remove all the headers, footers, sidebars and navigation tools you don’t want to display) and the WPG2 WordPress plugin (see my previous post on this issue). I will add more pictures soon. UPDATE July 2007: I have moved all my photos to Flickr.

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