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I recently celebrated my 1000th bookmark on and mentioned some things I would like to see implemented such as usage data:

  • revisiting links data
  • sorting your list by frequent use
  • attempts to double post a link (as an indication of importance)

Erik kindly offered to talk about possibly implementing some of these features by developing a Firefox plugin (we will keep you updated on that.) In the meanwhile I am using more extensively with the “post for” and “your network” features.

The network feature in is a nice feature as it allows you to see what your friends and colleagues find interesting. What I miss though is a network of strangers with interesting finds. could perfectly function as a social network that allows you to find things through people with the same interests. This social network could be gathered by matching users through collaborative filtering. Two sets of data would be interesting to use:

  1. Shared bookmarks (Jon Udell: Collaborative filtering with
  2. Shared tags

I think could really benefit from adding more features to its service. While is meant as a way to share your bookmarks online it is still a very individualistic tool just waiting to truly embrace the community.

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