Slides from my introduction to APIs at SETUP in Utrecht (bonus: ducks!)

Last night I gave an introduction to APIs at the API skillswap workshop organized by SETUP in Utrecht. Here are my slides, including suggested literature that deals with APIs from a humanities perspective. During my introduction I also showed some of my favorite websites, tools, and services, including:

If This Then That: Putting the internet to work for you

Programmable Web: a good source for APIs.

ThinkUp: To archive and analyze your own Twitter, Facebook and Google+ data

[slideshare id=12525734&doc=setupapi-120413054040-phpapp01]

After the introduction Heinze Havinga taught us to create our own mashup using APIs from different sources with Yahoo! Pipesand IFTTT.


We created a Produckanator (inspired by the Procatinator) that reads out aloud tweets containing the word ‘duck’ while playing music in the background and showing duck images from Flickr. A fun way to learn how to use a variety of APIs and tools ;)

Swapping skills!

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