Mapping and graphing the social universe 2.0 with a twist

Once in a while you come across graphics that are both insightful, funny and to the point. David Armano depicts the social media culture and marketing in informative depictions with a twist. Armano is part of a larger trend of mapping and graphing with a humorous and intelligent twist as may also be seen on Graphjam.

Social Systems by David Armano shows how social systems revolve around the self. The self is always in the middle with all the external social networking systems floating around it. Just like the sun is part of a larger system, the self is also part of a larger system that seems to revolve around you.

The distance between “me” and the social media systems seem to be well thought about. The blog is depicted as being closest to the self with Twitter following in second place. What this image doesn’t show, is how the blog is increasingly a successor of the personal homepage as a central aggregation point. All the social systems are increasingly embedded into the blog, in the form of widgets or embeds, making it the central point of the world wide universe.

Facebook has an extra ring, which, coincidentally or not, seems to point to it’s nature as a walled garden. It has an extra layer in the sense that it’s hard for data to exit the sphere.

Complete slideshow of the L+E Visual Thinking set by David Armano via Timo Kouwenhoven.

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