Celebrating 2500 del.icio.us bookmarks

It’s been less than three months since I celebrated my 2000th del.icio.us bookmark. Maybe it’s too early to tell but it sure feels like an exponential growth. It might have to do with my increasing list of feed subscriptions and my decreasing amount of time to keep up with them.

del.icio.us is a continuous record of my procrastination. Michael Stevenson analyzed what del.icio.us users are putting off when using tags such as ‘todo’ and ‘toread’. When looking at my own tags and found a wide variety of ‘to’ tags including ‘todotomorrow’ which I never accomplished and finished. Here’s the complete list of my procrastination:

Appropriately enough I tagged my 2500th bookmark with ‘toread’ as well. It is an article titled Say Cheese! The Revolution in the Aesthetics of Smiles by Fred EH Schroeder. Jill Walker Rettberg mentioned it on her blog and the title caught my eye. Unfortunately the article is behind the great academic firewall which danah boyd proposes to break down as she explains in her blog post ‘open-access is the future: boycott locked-down academic journals.’

I bookmarked the article because I love taking pictures but I want to read more papers on the topic photography and the topic of aesthetics in general.

The title of the article reminded me of Erik Borra’s smile project which really makes one smile :)

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 2500 del.icio.us bookmarks

  1. I feel as if starting to use todo tags on del.icio.us, for me, would really only signal the end of getting anything done at all.

    I do think todo tools have a long way to go still. I’ve linked my personal Google Calendar with my Google calendar for work. An addon I tried for synching those with my Outlook at work and with my GMail (which I read in Mail App) has failed dismally.

    I also have a todo widget on my desktop, Facebook Events and an Upcoming calendar (which also appears in FB and in my Google Calendar — which, btw, also emails me on my mobile, but doesn’t synch with the calendar I have on there).

    Then I have a Moleskine diary, a Moleskine squared notebook and a couple other notebooks.


    I am really interested in getting back to basics with this way of GSD.

    Or maybe just stop caring at altogheter :p

  2. I’m also in the middle of getting organized both digitally and in the paper world. I currently don’t have a ‘regular’ agenda but it is simply not working. Since most agendas are sold out by now I am thinking about converting a custom Moleskine into an agenda.

    Do you keep two agendas? Because I love my Google calendar where I keep different agendas (colors) for my various jobs. However adding an item requires either my laptop or my phone plus I am so much faster just writing it down on paper.

    I actually bought David Allen’s Getting Things Done recently but of course haven’t even had the time to read it.

    I would love to stop caring but I’m afraid it would become pretty chaotic.

    Let me know how the basic version of GTD, GSD works out? It sounds pretty nice.

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