Photos Amsterdam Flickr Meetup 16th February 2008


Yesterday I attended the Amsterdam Flickr Meetup at the NDSM Wharf. An amazing amount of people from all over the world showed up and we spent a great day in Amsterdam North.

I started using Flickr less than a year ago but it only took me a few days to take over two hundred pictures so I decided to get a Pro account. Not only did Flickr spice up my enthusiasm for photography, it also increased the amount of photos I take and my interaction with other photographers. I love to wander through my Flickr contacts and look, enjoy and learn.


My whole Flickr Meetup at the Amsterdam NDSM Wharf set.

2 thoughts on “Photos Amsterdam Flickr Meetup 16th February 2008

  1. Did you take a these picture yourself? It’s so nice!
    Actually, I’m a korean, and I like take a picture too, but in now, i’m living in Halifax, Canada for studying English.
    and, in korea, i have my blog, so i want to see a other country people’s blog, and i found youurs~ ^_^;;
    anyway, it’s a really good blog, i think, and have a nice day~!

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I took those pictures myself. Photography is one of my main hobbies besides everything that has got to do with the Internet :)

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