Happy Birthday to Me and You and Everyone We Know!

Today we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the word weblog as coined on December 17, 1997 by Jorn Barger. In another two years we can celebrate the coinage of the word blog but in the meanwhile let’s focus on creating new pathways into the history of blogging. Instead of arguing about definitions and dates we should write more blogging histories as there is no single history of blogs and blogging. Michael Stevenson is working on one, I am working on one and Jill Walker Rettberg is working on her final manuscript of her Blogging book.

So happy birthday webloggers!

In the meanwhile I celebrated my birthday and got some incredible hand-made gifts from my friends:
Birthday PresentsBirthday Presents
Birthday PresentsBirthday Presents

1. My friends (including my non-geeky friends) often call me “the Web 2.0 Girl”

2. Notebooks for Random Access Memory

3. Extra memory and my avatar in pixels.

4. Control-Alt-Delete (if I ever lose my keys again)

I can only say tHaNK J00 9uY$, J00 4r3 9Re@!!

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