NEW! Flickr Stats! Under Construction. And the Horror of Referrer Spam

Flickr just started offering statistics to it’s pro users, that’s me! I couldn’t be happier. Flickr really loves me!

I just loved their announcement with all the oldskool “under construction” graphics. To honor the good old days, I made an animated gif from the announcement.

Flickr Stats Animated Gif

I am a stat addict and check my blog statistics more than daily. I am most interested in my referrers because I am curious how and where people found my blog. Flickr was always a kind of black box as I had no idea how people ended up at my pictures. Now I can finally see my photos Google queries and website/blog referrers.

Unfortunately I am currently noticing a new kind of referrer spam with my blog. Not trackback or pingback spam but referrer spam. My log looks like this:

Referrer Spam

And I must admit, it works. The first few times I actually visited the blog until a noticed a pattern. Anyone else noticing this?

2 thoughts on “NEW! Flickr Stats! Under Construction. And the Horror of Referrer Spam

  1. Referer spam is probably the first web-based spam invented, it’s been around for a very long time. Before anyone had ever heard (or thought) of trackback or pingback :-)

  2. Yeah, I know (I am currently doing research on spam) but I was so surprised that it started hitting me NOW. It’s the other way round in my case, first pingback/trackback spam and then referrer spam. I just thought that was odd.

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