Busy Writing and Enjoying a (8)Bit of Culture

I’m really busy writing for my thesis but I wanted to share a few short things.

I just finished the chapter on the history of blogs and blog engines and wrote a related post on ‘Archiving Blogs and the Blogosphere‘ for the Blog Herald.

As previously mentioned I went to the Blip Festival on Thursday evening to enjoy some 8bit culture. I wrote a piece on the festival for cut-up magazine (in Dutch).

Maarten from cut-up wrote a promising preview for ‘In a Cabin with Arthur Adam’. I immediately downloaded the album, (it’s free!) fell in love with it and now it’s stuck in my playlist.

On Saturday evening I saw the spectacular show FUERZABRUTA at the Daryl Roth Theatre in New York City.


A few years ago I went to the De La Guarda show in Amsterdam which was made by the same curators. The shows are both based on spectacle but FUERZABRUTA is even more impressive due to the incredible amount of participation required by the public.


More photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Busy Writing and Enjoying a (8)Bit of Culture

  1. No, not at all, thanks. Writing reviews in Dutch isn’t something I do on a regular basis :)

    Yes, thank you for the preview that wasn’t quite a review. I downloaded all the other “In a Cabin” albums as well but haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet.

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