Google and Blogger, please stop localizing me!

While writing a piece on the Ubiscribe event at the DEAF festival I went to Blogger’s website. Blogger automatically localizes me based on my IP-address and welcomes me in my own language. Google does the same thing when I go to it automatically redirects me to Even though I can see the advantages of this I strongly dislike this automatic localizing because I go to the domain for a reason! Searching something on the or domain gives you different search results and when I look for something that is not Dutch I rather use the domain.

There are two ways to reach the domain instead of the domain:

  1. After automatic redirection to follow the “ in English link” (which is actually pretty funny because apparently you are on in Dutch instead of
  2. Run your search on and then change to (change nl for en or any other language.) This will give you the same search results as when you are on the domain.

Here are some screenshots of the different search results, in English and produce (the first two produce the same results).


Blogger, that has been bought by Google, also localizes me based on my IP-address but does not automatically redirect me from to for example. I stay on the domain but I am welcomed in Dutch. I can see the advantage of this but I wonder if I can also “return” to the “original” English version. Blogger offers me a Taal/Language link that allows me to toggle the language of the page. More screenshots of this localizing process:


I can see the advantages of localizing (I want Google to localize me when I visit Google Maps for example. An interesting note is that does not automatically redirect to but sometimes I just want to shout “Please stop localizing me!” What are your thoughts on this automatic localizing and the localized web?

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