Open-search kick-off workshop

Google is still maintaining it’s strong number one position in the search engine landscape. Microsoft is trying to get back by launching it’s new Live Search service, but are they strong enough to overthrow the almighty Google? This is one of the questions I asked myself for my BA thesis. And of course there are still and Yahoo! (which is focusing more on social search).

These big media conglomerates are dominating the search engine landscape and there seems to be an endless media concentration going on. What is the impact on the access to information when only a few players dominate the market?

These and other questions will be posed by which is supported by the Digital Pioneers in a workshop about creating a distributed, peer to peer search engine.

Join the discussion on Tuesday, December 12 at 19.00 hours @ the University of Amsterdam, Turfdraagsterspad 9, Amsterdam.

If you can’t make it physically you can always join on IRC or listen/view an audio/video stream

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