I am a hard bloggin’ scientist

I am a hard bloggin' scientist. Read the Manifesto.I am an official self proclaimed hard bloggin’ scientist now. To find out what this means please read the hard bloggin’ scientist Manifest Vo.1

This initiative was pointed out to the Masters of Media by Geert Lovink. When I read the manifesto I could identify with it, but at the same time it made me reconsider my blog. This blog is supposed to be a research tool for my Master Thesis (hence #4), but so far I haven’t written down any ideas.

So I am planning on writing down more random thoughts and maybe sketch them out to get a sense of where I am going. I am also planning on participating more on other blogs, besides our own collaborative Masters of Media blog. I have to get out of my own personal safe blog shell and participate in the big World Wide Web world!

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