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Google knows I blog for Google t-shirt

My friends gave me this t-shirt as a graduation present two months ago. It is now the “T-shirt of the day” at, nice. UPDATE: The t-shirt refers to my MA thesis which is now online: Blogging for Engines. Blogs under the Influence of Software-Engine Relations

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January is Going to Be Quiet

Unfortunately Mozilla is not quite coorporating in the New Year. After an odd semi-system crash all my Mozilla applications have returned to their default settings with my personal settings nowhere to be found. Firefox still displays my installed add-ons but all my bookmarks and shortcuts are gone. Worst of all Thunderbird crashed. The e-mail in […]

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Yahoo! Powered Shortcuts for WordPress

Mashable just pointed my attention to the release of a new WordPress plugin which is particularly interesting regarding my thesis. I am currently writing about the increasing relationship between blog software and the engines. Yahoo! just launched a new plugin for WordPress that pulls in related content to your post. As I skimmed briefly through […]

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