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Google knows I blog for Google t-shirt

My friends gave me this t-shirt as a graduation present two months ago. It is now the “T-shirt of the day” at, nice. UPDATE: The t-shirt refers to my MA thesis which is now online: Blogging for Engines. Blogs under the Influence of Software-Engine Relations

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Lecture: The Widgetized Self and the MacBook Reading Club

This Thursday I will be giving a lecture on ‘The Widgetized Self‘ a term coined by Nancy Baym. Blogs are increasingly connected to search engines such as Google and Technorati through the blog software. This leads to practices that focus on identity building through the engines. What does the increasing popularity of widgets mean for the identity of the blog and the blogger? What role do blog software and blog templates play in identity construction? The lecture is part of the Mediamatic Beauty Parlour lecture series which deals with self presentation on the net. Esther Weltevrede will present our MacBook Reading Club. Digital camera technology advanced ego-photography and ways for self presentation. The web cam advanced camera technology as medium of selfpresentation further. The camera is always directed at the self. The image where the face is shot from a slightly upper angle is known as the “Youtube angle” or “MySpace angle”. With the built-in cam and Photobooth software, the first thing one does when installing a new mac is taking a snapshot of the self. MacBook Reading Club takes advantage of Photobooth and the build-in camera. MacBook Reading Club is a new phenomenon in ego-photography, and introduces the “MacBook […]

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Thesis Finished and New Job at the University of Amsterdam

Printing my thesis at Felix Offset. I am happy to announce that my MA thesis titled ‘Blogging for Engines. Blogs under the Influence of Software-Engine Relations’ is finished, handed in, graded and officially approved. It will be published online soon, so stay tuned! This week I started my new job as a New Media Lecturer/Instructor at the Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. I also work for the Institute of Network Cultures at the Interactive Media department at the Amsterdam Polytechnic (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). Exciting developments!

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January is Going to Be Quiet

Unfortunately Mozilla is not quite coorporating in the New Year. After an odd semi-system crash all my Mozilla applications have returned to their default settings with my personal settings nowhere to be found. Firefox still displays my installed add-ons but all my bookmarks and shortcuts are gone. Worst of all Thunderbird crashed. The e-mail in the program is gone, but also in the C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\xxxxxxxx.slt\Mail directory. I have no idea what happened and regular solutions to recover my e-mail seem of no avail. I should have a backup from October somewhere so I will try to retrieve that but if that works I still lost my e-mail from the past few months. I am sorry if I am not responding to your e-mail, it’s gone :( I will be wrapping up my thesis this month. I finished the first version and received some really useful feedback. While I am trying to recover my e-mail and finish my thesis things are going to continue to be quiet here. In the meantime I am still blogging weekly at the Blog Herald. See you soon!

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Happy Birthday to Me and You and Everyone We Know!

Today we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the word weblog as coined on December 17, 1997 by Jorn Barger. In another two years we can celebrate the coinage of the word blog but in the meanwhile let’s focus on creating new pathways into the history of blogging. Instead of arguing about definitions and dates we should write more blogging histories as there is no single history of blogs and blogging. Michael Stevenson is working on one, I am working on one and Jill Walker Rettberg is working on her final manuscript of her Blogging book. So happy birthday webloggers! In the meanwhile I celebrated my birthday and got some incredible hand-made gifts from my friends: 1. My friends (including my non-geeky friends) often call me “the Web 2.0 Girl” 2. Notebooks for Random Access Memory 3. Extra memory and my avatar in pixels. 4. Control-Alt-Delete (if I ever lose my keys again) I can only say tHaNK J00 9uY$, J00 4r3 9Re@!!

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Yahoo! Powered Shortcuts for WordPress

Mashable just pointed my attention to the release of a new WordPress plugin which is particularly interesting regarding my thesis. I am currently writing about the increasing relationship between blog software and the engines. Yahoo! just launched a new plugin for WordPress that pulls in related content to your post. As I skimmed briefly through the Terms of Use (I missed the option of using the Whatever Button) I noticed that Yahoo! reserves the right to charge fees for future use of or access to the Yahoo! Contextual Shortcuts Modules or the Yahoo! services and Web sites (collectively, “Yahoo! Contextual Shortcuts Modules Services”) in Yahoo!’s sole discretion. If Yahoo! decides to charge for the Yahoo! Contextual Shortcuts Modules Services, such charges will be disclosed to you in advance. Sure. Whatever. I’ll stop using the plugin then. Not sure if I am actually going to use it because I am not sure if it will be useful for me whatsoever. On top of that I like keeping control over my content and create and use my own content. However, I see the potential for the plugin for news or product oriented blogs. I am going to give this plugin a try […]

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