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Paper: Where do bloggers blog? Platform transitions within the historical Dutch blogosphere

My first co-authored article, with colleague Esther Weltevrede, has been published in First Monday, Volume 17, Number 2 – 6 February 2012. Where do bloggers blog? Platform transitions within the historical Dutch blogosphere Abstract The blogosphere has played an instrumental role in the transition and the evolution of linking technologies and practices. This research traces and […]

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Visualizing data with Gephi: Abstract interpretations of the Dutch blogosphere #madewithgephi

I am currently working on analyzing the Dutch blogosphere with my colleague Esther Weltevrede with help of colleague Erik Borra from the Digital Methods Initiative. In an early exploratory phase Esther and I started to learn how to use Gephi to visualize our data and networks. In one of my early attempts I created this […]

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Snapshot of the Dutch Blogosphere December 2010

This map provides an insight into the linking practices of a part of the Dutch blogosphere. Download full map as PDF. Starting points provided by Bert Brussen’s blogpost (including comments) calling for “weblogs that matter anno 2010.” This is not the “whole” Dutch blogosphere, it maps the interlinking practices of the blogs of the startinglist. […]

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Mapping the Dutch Blogosphere at Mapping Ignite

On July 9th, Esther Weltevrede and I presented our ongoing research on the Dutch Blogosphere at the Mediamatic Mapping Ignite event. Here are the slides and notes from our 5 minute superfast and condensed informational Ignite talk on researching and mapping the Dutch Blogosphere. Slide 1: Hi, I’m Anne and this is Esther and we […]

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Mapping the Dutch Blogosphere #Bloghelden

On Tuesday we celebrated the book launch of Frank Meeuwsen’s Bloghelden, a history of the Dutch blogosphere from 1995 to 2005, at SETUP in Utrecht. I was asked to give a presentation on a project Esther Weltevrede and I are working on: Mapping the Dutch blogosphere over time. In his article ‘Links, Lives, Logs: Presentation […]

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The widgetized self and the modding user in the blogosphere

Last week I gave a talk on ‘The Widgetized Self. Distributed identity and the role of software-engine relations in blogging.’ Blogs may be seen as databases that allow for various types of identity construction. The use of themes, plugins and widgets play an important role in the blogging identity. Edial Dekker, New Media student at the University of Amsterdam, […]

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