Snapshot of the Dutch Blogosphere December 2010

This map provides an insight into the linking practices of a part of the Dutch blogosphere. Download full map as PDF.

Starting points provided by Bert Brussen’s blogpost (including comments) calling for “weblogs that matter anno 2010.”

This is not the “whole” Dutch blogosphere, it maps the interlinking practices of the blogs of the startinglist. The tool keeps blogs on the map that receive at least two inlinks from other blogs in the network. On top of that, if we consider the blogosphere as the interlinking of all blogs, the Dutch blogosphere contains a wide array of foreign websites and social media platforms such as The Huffington Post, Wikileaks, Flickr, Boston, Facebook etc. Twitter is the biggest node in the Dutch blogosphere.

More info on Mapping the Dutch blogosphere project by Esther Weltevrede and me on this blog.

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