Photos: Arcade at Mediamatic

Mediamatic BANK is currently hosting an exhibition solely dedicated to gaming with old game consoles, arcade games and newly developed RFID games. We played videogames for hours, ranging from Mrs. PacMan to Dance Central on the Kinect. The exhibition on the Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam runs till March 27. Definitely recommended!

Slides of my lecture on The Widgetized Self

Here are the slides of the lecture I gave at Mediamatic in Amsterdam yesterday titled ‘The Widgetized Self. Distributed identity and the role of software-engine relations in blogging.’ | View | Upload your own Easy embedding of the slideshow thanks to Joost de Valk’s great SlideShare WordPress plugin.

Lecture: The Widgetized Self and the MacBook Reading Club

This Thursday I will be giving a lecture on ‘The Widgetized Self‘ a term coined by Nancy Baym. Blogs are increasingly connected to search engines such as Google and Technorati through the blog software. This leads to practices that focus on identity building through the engines. What does the increasing popularity of widgets mean for… Read more Lecture: The Widgetized Self and the MacBook Reading Club

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