Takes Personal Music Recommendation to Festivals

In our Introduction to New Media classes at the University of Amsterdam we’ve been deconstructing two music recommendation systems: and We focussed on the similarity and difference in the characteristics and the underlying algorithms and of the systems. was by far the most favorite website and application amongs the students because of… Read more Takes Personal Music Recommendation to Festivals

Photos Video Vortex

Photos made for the Institute of Network Cultures. These pictures may not be used without explicit permission. Complete Video Vortex photo set at Flickr. 18 -19 January 2008 International Conference PostCS 11, Oosterdokskade 3-5, Amsterdam The Video Vortex conference is organized by the Institute of Network Cultures, in collaboration with Argos Brussels and the Netherlands… Read more Photos Video Vortex

Happy New Year!

I spent New Years in Vilnius, Lithuania and had a great time, see photos. We attended a party in Club Gravity, an old bomb shelter, where Apparat was performing.

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