A Plataformização da Web

My article on ‘The Platformization of the Web‘ (2015) has been translated into Portuguese! ‘A Plataformização da Web‘ was translated by Tiago Salgado and was published in the edited volume ‘Métodos Digitais: teoria‐prática‐crítica’, edited by Janna Joceli Omena. The book is available for free, open access, and a PDF and can be downloaded here.

Helmond, Anne (2019). A Plataformização da Web. In Métodos Digitais: Teoria-Prática-Crítica. Ed. Janna Joceli Omena. Transl. Tiago Salgado. Lisbon: ICNOVA, pp. 49–72. [pdf] [open access book].

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