“App support ecologies” conference poster

App support ecologies. An empirical investigation of app-platform relations.

Prof. Dr. Carolin Gerlitz [1,2], Fernando N. van der Vlist [1,2], Dr. Anne Helmond [2], Dr. Esther Weltevrede [2].

[1] (DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1187 ‘Media of Cooperation’,) University of Siegen, Germany
[2] (Digital Methods Initiative,) University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In: Infrastructures of Publics – Publics of Infrastructures, First Annual Conference 2016 of the DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1187 ‘Media of Cooperation,’ Artur-Woll-Haus, University of Siegen, Germany, December 8–10.

Design by: Fernando van der Vlist

Link to hi-res PDF: bit.ly/app-support-ecologies (14 Mb).


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