What does Google mean with its Google+ tagline?

I just happened to do the lazy people’s version of looking up a website by Googling for “Google Plus” in my browser’s (Chrome, obviously) address bar instead of directly typing in the URL plus.google.com. Hey, it’s a few characters less :) But what caught my eye was Google+ its tagline in the search snipped which I never noticed before.

Google+ tagline

Google+: real life sharing, rethought for the web. Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.”

What exactly does Google expect me to share offline that translates to the Google+ online environment? Offline I share paperclips, tea, t-shirts, online I share links. I am just trying to grasp this tagline. It doesn’t make any more sense in Dutch “Het doel van Google+ is om delen op internet meer te laten lijken op delen in het echte leven.” I don’t share “friends” offline. Nor do I share articles by photocopying them for my colleagues but maybe I’m just a selfish person offline.

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