Cultural Bloggers Interviewed Book Launch

Cultural Bloggers Interviewed

On the first day of PICNIC we celebrated the book launch of Cultural Bloggers Interviewed. In April 2009 Annette Wolfsberger interviewed me for this book about my blogging practices and experiences. The book explores the role of blogging in the cultural sector and includes cultural bloggers like We Make Money Not Art‘s Régine Debatty and Neural‘s Alessandro Ludovico.

Cultural Bloggers Interviewed

The book launch consisted of a Q&A with Annette Wolfsberger, me and Michelle Kasprzak from We shared our thoughts on the role and practice of blogging within the cultural sector. Reading back my own interview from almost 1,5 years ago it is a nice documentation of trying to find my way between blogging and using other social media like Twitter.

Cultural Bloggers Interviewed

Download the book as a PDF from the Lab for Culture website for free!

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