Video from my presentation on Identity 2.0

Last week I was invited by Sven Goyvaerts from the Transmedia Postgraduate Program in Arts + Media + Design to give a lecture on Identity 2.0 as part of the Social Media & the Avatar Day, organized at the Memories of the Future symposium in Vooruit Ghent, Belgium.

ANNE HELMOND / Identity 2.0 from sven g on Vimeo.

June 25th 2010 – 1h30min lecture presentation + group discussion

Anne Helmond is New Media PhD candidate with the Digital Methods Initiative at the Mediastudies department at the University of Amsterdam where she studied New Media from 2004-2008. For our Social Media & the Avatar Day, organized at the Memories of the Future symposium in Vooruit Ghent, we invited Anne to elaborate on her recent paper IDENTITY 2.0 – Constructing identity with cultural software.

3 thoughts on “Video from my presentation on Identity 2.0

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  2. Hello Anne:
    Thanks for sharing the presentation; it was very engaging and extremely active.

    I’ve been following your blog since the two appearances you’ve made on Wordcast Conversations, and even passed on your work to an acquaintance (the daughter of one of the faculty here at the university where I work) who is now a doctoral candidate in social media and public relations. While I’m not studying social media formally, I do my best both to keep up with the trends in this area and engage in it.

    As a DJ/music enthusiast/tastemaker, I feel that social media is such an important instrument in sharing my interests, as well as the interests of others, in what I do. I am planning to continue to expand on my usage over time.

    I don’t want to take up the comment section here because I can write about this for a long time. If you’d like to know more about how I use social media to augment my radio show and my related music endeavors, feel free to reach out. Have a good weekend, and thanks again for the great video presentation.

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