History of Winer’s Blogging points to October 7, 1994

In my 2008 thesis on ‘Blogging for Engines. Blogs under the Influence of Software-Engine Relations‘ in the chapter on the History of Blog Software and Blog Engines I wrote about Dave Winer’s role within the pre-blog BBS-scene and his DaveNet (1994) and Scripting News (1997). Back then I used the Internet Archive to track down the history of the early blogosphere and Rudolf Ammann is using the same technique. Dave Winer actually responded to his blog post on ‘Scripting News: Launched on 1 February 1997‘ that if we were to point to DaveNet as a blog (with its reverse-chronological entries) that October 7, 1994 is the day it all started for Dave Winer.

That’s 13 years of blogging. Congratulations!

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