Follow the Money: Christian Nold on “Bijlmer Euro”

Christian Nold reprogrammed RFID tags taken from discarded OV- chip cards to get discounts in local stores in the Bijlmer. The reprogrammed tags are placed on top of regular bills. Each shop in the Bijlmer has a RFID-reader to scan the note. In this way you can follow where the money has gone in order to discover the local network of this place: a visualized network of the small shops in the Bijlmer.

Follow the Money
Bijlmer Euro transactions

It is a network identity currency: The Bijlmer is a both a network internally (comunities) and externally (countries of origin). The aim is to visualize the bijlmer as both an economic and social network. It not only displays the rather abstract transactions when dealing with money but also the tangible relationships. The local value is emphasized as its worth more than a “regular” Euro because of the discount in the local stores. Nold’s ultimate wish is to replace Western Union with this project which starts in April. More info:

Follow the Money
Christian Nold

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  1. Chris Nolten also asked the audience to start collecting discarded OV- chip cards for this project and to send them.

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