15 minutes of fame? Now it’s 1 frame of fame

C-Mon & Kypski launched the ‘One Frame of Fame‘ project based on user-generated content and active fan and user participation. If you have a webcam you can be part of their music video for their new single ‘More is Less.’ They are leveraging their fan base by crowdsourcing the content of their new videoclip.The idea is that eventually all the frames in the video will be filled with webcam snapshots from people posing. “Just” copy the pose on the screen (actually I had a bit of trouble with the first suggested pose which was rather difficult), hit take Take Snapshot and if the pose matches, upload it to the server. I just contributed this pose (hit play to see the video in progress):

It’s entertaining, it’s simple and by being able to share it on Twitter, Facebook and Hyves and allowing to embed the unfinished videoclip with your personal pose, C-Mon & Kypski show the fun in participatory culture. Do you also want to have your One Frame of Fame? Contribute!

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