Book on E-culture by Virtueel Platform available as download

Part 1: Mapping E-Culture

I contributed three pieces to this part:

  1. Mapping E-culture: Alex Adriaanssens, based on interview with Anne Helmond – The Chinese Dream (PDF)
  2. Mapping E-culture: Anne Nigten, by Anne Helmond – Patching Zone (PDF)
  3. Mapping E-culture: Henk Borgdorff (based on interview with Anne Helmond) Practice-based Research in the Arts (PDF)

Part 2: Navigating E-culture


Part 3: Walled Garden

In the Artist Presentation article (PDF) the Twitter conversation between Mez Breeze (Augmentology) and silvertje (Anne Helmond) at the Walled Garden conference in 2008 was published.

The E-culture book (2009) by Virtueel Platform has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license.

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