Publicityplant needs your social media attention to grow!

Sander Veenhof / SNDRV launched a new project for his graduation at the Gerrit Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam. He explains the concept in his press release:

I’ve created an installation that allows anyone in the world to help me grow a bouquet of flowers to color up the graduation ceremony. The bouquet is growing in an interactive greenhouse powered by the publicity this announcement generates.

The project seems to refer to the ‘attention economy’ online we are slowly getting addicted to. We want to know who wrote about us and where and the more the better. Why not use these narcissistic web trends to grow your own flowers?

This is once again a great project by Sander Veenhof so I’ve already tweeted about the project to stimulate the growth.

Publicityplant needs your attention!

Of course I also uploaded a screenshot of my tweet to Flickr and I also added the project page to my delicious links. Help Sander grow his own graduation bouquet of flowers by blogging/tweeting/etc about this project.

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