Happy 20th Birthday Dutch Internet!

This morning I received the following message from my mother:

@silvertje: Congrats! Take part in the world wide party. Today at 14:28h the www has existed in the Netherlands for twenty years.

I would like to celebrate this special occasion with a sneak preview into an assignment I did in high school on the internet. I wrote this piece on the internet in early 1995 with a classmate and I am planning on scanning the whole document and write a reflective piece on it as it is now already 13 years later.

Internet werkstuk 1995
Front page

A lot has happened since high school. Thirteen years later the fascination is still there and I am now an official so-called “Internet Researcher.” So thank you Internets!

Internet werkstuk 1995
The state of the Internet in the Netherlands anno 1995

More background reading in Dutch on the Trouw newspaper website: Het web bestaat twintig jaar

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