‘Enquiring Minds’ PICNIC08 Papers online

Reflections on PICNIC by the researchers of the Enquiring Minds seminar.

Enquiring Minds @PICNIC08

The PICNIC organization offered 25 researchers a free pass to the conference and asked Digital Methods Initiative researchers Sabine Niederer and Anne Helmond to organize an informal seminar where everyone could meet and present their research to fellow researchers. At the end of the conference they asked the researchers to write a short essay or paper with reflections on the conference or one of the topics in relation to their research.

Thank you to all who participated and we now present you the essays online:

Mapping the Physics of the Web by Esther Weltevrede
Cyberculture, Here and Now by Michael Stevenson
Post-Demographics by Erik Borra
The “Long Now” of PICNIC08 by Andrea Fiore
Formalism and the Real -(time) Social Web @ PICNIC08 by Rachel O’Reilly
Social Gaming: the next big thing? by Pieter-Paul Walraven
Feedback society by Taina Bucher
Open innovation at PICNIC2008 by Thieme Hennis
Reflections on PICNIC by Kjen Wilkens
The Future of Virtual Worlds by Rene Glas
A Picnic Sampler by Sonja Kerkhoff
Let’s disconnect at Picnic by Marije Kanis
PICNIC08 Report by Helene Zuili
Games Go Social by Sonja Utz
Status, Use and Trends of Open Content Models in the New Media Industry by Peter Troxler (podcast)
Reflection on the PICNIC conference by Linda Adrichem
Dutch Extravaganza by David Boardman
PICNIC 2008: Three Days of Miracle and Wonder? by Edward A. Shanken

More info on the PICNIC website.

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