2008 Digital Media and Learning Competition

The MacArthur and HASTAC Digital Media and Learning Competition goes international and welcomes submissions from the Netherlands.

UPDATE: According to the guidelines only the Innovation in Participatory Learning Awards are open for submissions from the Netherlands. (Thanks to Daan for pointing this unfortunate fact out)

The 2008 Digital Media and Learning Competition theme is Participatory Learning. Participatory Learning includes the many ways that learners (of any age) use new technologies to participate in virtual communities where they share ideas, comment upon one another’s projects, and plan, design, advance, implement, or simply discuss their goals and ideas together.

Awards will be made in two categories:

    1. Innovation in Participatory Learning Awards support large-scale digital learning projects. $30,000-$250,000.
      Innovation in Participatory Learning Awards support larger-scale projects that demonstrate new modes of participatory learning in a variety of environments, by creating new digital tools, modifying existing ones, or using digital media in novel ways. Collaboration is strongly encouraged. International applications are welcome from eligible organizations.
      Young Innovator Awards are targeted at 18-25 year olds . $5,000-$30,000.
      Young Innovator Awards encourage innovators aged 18-25 to think boldly about “what comes next” in
      participatory learning and to contribute to making it happen. These awards will help young innovators bring their visionary ideas from the “garage” stage to implementation.
  • Full information at: www.dmlcompetition.net

    2 thoughts on “2008 Digital Media and Learning Competition

    1. Thanks so much for posting this. For the right person or organization, winning this can make a huge difference as a stepping stone to other things and in itself.

      By the way we define participatory learning broadly to mean using new digital media for sharing ideas or planning, designing, implementing, or just discussing ideas and goals together.
      (You can find out about last year’s winners at http://hub.dmlcompetition.net/)

      And youth elsewhere can apply with US partners. We hope next year, if our pilot is successful, to relax all of these first year eligibility restrictions.

      Thanks again!

    2. You are welcome. It would be great if this pilot is succesful because I heard some people were interested but couldn’t participate because of the restrictions.

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