Photos Dutch Bloggies 2008

I attended the Dutch Bloggies 2008 last night as a jury member. I wrote a jury report for and presented the “best design” (Buro Rust) and “best accessible” (Dakzoekje) categories. I never Twittered as much and the backchannel was a great success because the whole Dutch Twitterazzi scene seemed present.

Here’s a selection of my photos from the Dutch Bloggies 2008:

Dutch Bloggies 2008
Wethouder Huffnagel van de Gemeente Den Haag presents the most popular weblog (by vote)

Dutch Bloggies 2008
Best Marketing blog: Spotlight Effect

Dutch Bloggies 2008

Best Art & Culture blog: Mooismagazine

Dutch Bloggies 2008
Best Internet/ICT: Checklist by Erwin Blom

Dutch Bloggies 2008

And the winner of Best Weblog: Mooismagazine


Dutch Bloggies 2008Dutch Bloggies 2008Dutch Bloggies 2008Dutch Bloggies 2008

More photos on Flickr.

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