Photos Munich

I went to Munich for a few days with friends. Last year we went to Hamburg; we love city trips to Germany and eating blueberries:

Eating blueberries

It was so warm and sunny that we decided to dive into the Isar river:

Isar river

Yes, that’s us in the middle of the river waving at our friend who rather took photos than dive into the river ;) Great shot as we were struggling with the undercurrents:

Swimming in the Isar river

Next time we will dive into the stream in the middle of the English Gardens:
English Garden

The sign reads: surfing and swimming prohibited because of dangerous undercurrents. The same sign was posted at the Isar river, but do as the locals do: surf in the English Gardens and swim in the Isar river.

We loved the fact that every single tree in Munich seemed to be a beergarden filled with locals having a drink. You can also get great rabarberschorles at most beergardens which is a soda drink with fresh rhubarb juice and sparkling water.

Saturday night we went to the Rote Sonne, a wonderful club where we saw a great funky live performance by Michael Fakesch feat. Taprikk Sweezee (think Prince meets Justin Timberlake meets Jamie Lidell meets beats) and afterwards danced on electro till it was time to go home.

More photos on Flickr.

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