What is your network called? Or: a religious wireless network war?

I recently worked at a friend’s house and I was trying to connect to their wireless networked called “GORGONZOLA.” I thought that was a pretty funny name until I noticed the names some neighbors had given their networks. One was called PAKISTAN and another was called Jesus Christus is Heer (Jesus Christus is Lord) which made me laugh out loud (OK it actually it made me LOL.) I had previously imagined a network names flame where one neighbor would name their network something provocative and another neighbor would respond to this with an even more provocative name. I wonder if this happened in this neighborhood (notice: pretty good protected neigborhood).

Wireless Network Names

Bos and Lommer is a rather diverse neighborhood with a lot of muslims. “Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and is the second most populous country with a Muslim majority.” (Wikipedia) Did this cause a christian neighbor to name his network “Jesus Christus is Heer?” Whether or not this was a provocation it made me wonder about naming networks.

What is your network called? Mine is called deathstar. And no I’m not a Star Wars freak, I just like the name, but yes Star Wars is pretty decent :)

14 thoughts on “What is your network called? Or: a religious wireless network war?

  1. It’s a complete war of the wireless internet routers around here.

    I don’t have a wireless network around here now, so I don’t have a name yet for if I do.

  2. Ill protected accesspoints tend to have names like ‘secureme’ and ‘greetingsearthling’ in my neighborhood. I don’t mind open WIFI, but please people change you default accesspoint password!

  3. Mine is called HuizeBK (‘Huize’ means ‘House of’/ BK stands for our both last names Bruijne and Krijgsman)
    Recently I installed the wireless of our direct neighbor and I called it HuizeD since their lastname is Dekker.
    Other named basestations around here are Engima3, GustavMahler and GustavMahler_Repeater (our Austrian neighbors from across the street)

  4. @Breyten: Do you have some examples from nice network names in your neighborhood?

    @p3t0r: The unprotected accesspoints in my neighborhood are called “SpeedTouchx7374n,” talking about not changing any default settings.

    @Reinier: I like the name GustavMahler_Repeater :)

  5. All default names (hence war of the wireless internet routers!), except for two, but they are both operated commercially IIRC.

    (Would people in Bos and Lommer generally be more tech savvy than in my neighborhood? ;))

  6. It eats images, it’s hungry! I see you have a network called “samage” near you. I think I know where you live now because I know someone whose network is called samage!

  7. There are two, one at my place, and one at my girlfriend’s. Mine is Bugg, which is part of the street name, hers is lilla, which means purple in norwegian.

    One neighbour has named his Gandalf, another Apekatt, norwegian for monkey.

  8. My network is called Jeeves.
    Because he does my bidding and serves me wireless bits of goodness.
    It’s also locked down through MAC address and limited to the number of machine I own, so it appears to be wide open and just throws “cannot connect” errors to people trying to connect to it. It amuses me greatly.

    There is also a network called “Metal Fingers In My Body” in my apartment building… I’ll leave that one alone.

  9. @Ben: Gandalf, the wise wizardy network to serve to save the world, I like that one ;)

    @peroty: You’re evil! Now I know what kind of people are behind the networks I cannot connect too ;) Your apartment neighbors sound scary.

    My neighborhood is pretty default and half of the networks are unprotected:

  10. I actually Googled “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” to discover that it was Pink Floyd’s debut album ;)
    “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk” is an excellent song title as well!

  11. LOL, great blogpost! My network is called ‘LeoLovesWifi’ (ofcourse), but now a funny neighbour has called his network ‘PhiloHatesWifi’. That gives a strange twist to the meaning of ‘Wireless communication’, now doesn’t it? ;-)

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