Panorama view over Westerpark and the Gashouder pond

Westerpark panorama

I created this panorama within seconds with AutoStitch which is is the product of two years of research by Matthew Brown and David Lowe at the University of British Columbia. Easy and simple to use: just load your images and the output is a neatly stitched panorama. I only trimmed the edges in the GIMP and that’s it, a real one step panorama solution. View the full size on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Panorama view over Westerpark and the Gashouder pond

  1. Software looks great but I’m curious to know if you’ve used any other image stitching software and if so how this compares? Also, how did it handle the different exposures on the images or were you just very careful when taking the shots?

  2. I downloaded two trial versions of panorama stitching software as well, but after this free program worked so well I didn’t even bother to install them. I also downloaded a GIMP panorama plugin but it crashed the program so I didn’t try that either.

    The nice thing about AutoStitch is that it automatically corrects the exposure. I didn’t correct the exposure for every single shot. I just turned my camera about 20 degrees and didn’t change any settings whether I was facing the sun or not. AutoStitch did a pretty good job at correcting the different exposures (though I must admit they were not that different).

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