9 thoughts on “Blog Software and the Act of Blogging

  1. Hi Anne, just found your blog via the AOIR Facebook group. Your thesis sounds very interesting – maybe two papers of mine are of interest to you:
    – a working paper describing findings on blog software use based on a large scale study – see: http://www.bamberg-gewinnt.de/wordpress/archives/615

    – a more general conceptual paper about practices of social software which include code as one of three structural dimensions: http://www.bamberg-gewinnt.de/wordpress/archives/741

    A paper applying this model to blogging practices should appear in the july issue of JCMC; if you’re interested in a preprint just send me an e-mail

  2. Jan,

    Thank you very much for your comments and links. The abstracts are very interesting and definitely of use for my thesis.

    I just printed the full papers and I will read them soon. I would be very interested in your upcoming paper for the JCMC. I will e-mail you about it. Thank you very much!

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