BLOG08It’s been three days since BLOG08 finished so I had some time to wrap up unfinished postings and reflect on the event.

First of all I would like to thank who enabled me to attend the conference.


As you can read on my badge the tagline of BLOG08 was “rockstars of the web” and many rockstars of the blogosphere had been invited to speak at this first Dutch conference on blogging. However, blogging is also the domain of the average web user, who does not feel or act like a rockstar online. On top of that the blogosphere is very diverse and I think some perspectives were not represented. I missed a solid (academic) critique on blogging such as Geert Lovink’s essay Blogging, the nihilist impulse. I could have done without GabeMac’s “performance” on videoblogging which I summarized on Twitter:

Instead, I wish Paul Bradshaw from the Online Journalism Blog had done a longer presentation instead of the few minutes in the poorly moderated Journalism panel. During the break I had an interesting chat with him that moved beyond the never ending journalism versus blogging debate. Bradshaw is also a lecturer and we talked about using blogs and blogging in our classes. He put his BLOG08 video impressions online.

Overall, it was a good first blog conference and I hope that next time organizers Ernst-Jan Pfauth and Edial Dekker will keep in mind that not every great blogger is a great speaker and that blogging can be approached from even more different angles and perspectives.

Thanks guys!