Photos The Next Web Conference 2010

All pictures from the Next Web Conference 2010 on Flickr. All photos licensed under a CC license: Non-commercial use allowed with a name credit: Photo by Anne Helmond Please contact me at anne.helmond(at) if you would like to use a picture for commercial use.

Photos: The Next Web Conference 2009

Music and Bits unconference Jeff Jarvis (What Would Google Do) Andrew Keen Ricardo Baeza-Yates Renato Valdés Olmos (My Name is E) Matt Mullenweg (Automattic/WordPress) More pictures on Flickr: The Next Web 2009 (Set)

Blogging at the Next Web Conference

I’m blogging at the Next Web Conference over at the Next Web blog. Please check out my posts there: Andrew Keen “Web 2.0 is dead, long live Twitter” Ricardo Baeza-Yates “People don’t want to search” Chris Sacca “Users distinguish success from failure” Klaas Verbeken “Porn as the backbone of technological innovation online” Music and Bits… Read more Blogging at the Next Web Conference