“Christian Nold” versus “Anne Helmond” at PICNIC09

At PICNIC09 Christian Nold challenged me in the the Mediamatic RFID installation Ik win: Challenge someone with your web popularity, and let’s see and show other people how high you’re ranking based on the number of Google results. For more info see the Mediamatic Ik win website. Winner: Christian Nold! Congratulations. Thanks to Esther for… Read more “Christian Nold” versus “Anne Helmond” at PICNIC09

Archive 2020: Esther Weltevrede – Archiving Web Dynamics

Internet researchers are confronted with an instable object of study, the ephemerality of the object. The question is how to make the medium permanent so we can study it with care? The shape of the archive informs what I can ask the archive. This perspective on archives is placed within Weltevrede’s research into National Webs.… Read more Archive 2020: Esther Weltevrede – Archiving Web Dynamics

Anne Helmond is…

This post is inspired by Alex Halavais’ post Halavais is…. where Havalais listed “some of Google’s opinion of me via a search for “halavais is,” “halavais was,” and “halavais will be.” ” It reminded me of the iTea project made at the RFID Hacker’s Camp 2007: iTea is an interactive installation in the form of… Read more Anne Helmond is…

I’ve Gone Google

Google already knows that I blog for Google but now I’ve almost completely gone Google. I recently switched from Netvibes to Google Reader, from the GTD-app Things to the online web service Remember the Milk and I moved a lot of my e-mail correspondence from Mail.app to Gmail online. While I’ve been fairly reluctant to… Read more I’ve Gone Google

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