BLOG08: Journalism versus/ hearth blogging

Not your average panel with Tim Overdiek, Deputy Editor in Chief at NOS news, Clo Willaerts, marketing manager Sanoma Magazines Belgium, Paul Bradshaw from the Online Journalism Blog and Piet Bakker, professor at the Hogeschool Utrecht. The journalism/blogging panel aims to answer questions gathered via de Nieuwe Reporter, one of the largest Dutch journalism blogs.… Read more BLOG08: Journalism versus/ hearth blogging

Preparing for BLOG08

Tomorrow I will be attending BLOG08, a Dutch blog conference held in Amsterdam. As a blog researcher this is a conference I cannot miss. Due to my background I am particularly interested in the “non-commercial” panels such as Blogging and politics and Journalism versus/ hearth blogging and less interested in How to build a blog… Read more Preparing for BLOG08

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