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Review: Justin Shattuck’s site

I first came into “contact” with Justin Shattuck’s when I commented on his post about WordPress Plugin Development. He seemed to be asking the same questions as I was regarding the configuring and using of WordPress plugins. I am planning on dealing with some of these issues in my MA thesis Blog Software and the Act of Blogging. When I visited his site again this morning I noticed a post titled “Write About My Site, Make A Buck.” I am not desperately in need of five dollars but I just thought it is a funny request. I kind of see the point in offering people a few dollars for their effort too: people might be inclined to take the request more seriously and instead of saying “Your site rocks” in the comments write a decent thought through post about it. I graduated in Interaction Design at the Utrecht School of Arts before I went to the University of Amsterdam to study New Media. Usability is a big issue in Interaction Design and I’ve read all the usability gurus such as Donald Norman, Lon Barfield and Ben Shneiderman. One of the main things that I immediately noticed about Justin’s site is […]

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