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Stifo@Sandberg presentations in De Balie

Introduction by Martijn de Waal The Stifo@Sandberg workshop used to have a revolutionary edge to it which has now gone because the media have established their legitimacy. As media have matured, the workshop no longer focuses on the revolutionary media type but on the media specific grammar. The workshop now zooms in on a specific […]

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Arjo Klamer @ New Cultural Networks Conference

Arjo Klamer addresses the question of “how can we bridge the gap between economics and culture?” Klamer gave up on PowerPoint a long time ago because the flip-over has several advantages over Powerpoint: You can keep referring to it and you can draw and add notes while you are speaking to clarify things. This makes […]

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Mieke Gerritzen @ New Cultural Networks Conference

Mieke Gerritzen, head of the Design department at the Sandberg Institute, opened the New Cultural Networks conference organized by Stifo@Sandberg. She addressed the general idea of networking online where we constantly have to fill in our profiles. The irony is that when I applied for this conference I received a confirmation e-mail which included the […]

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