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The Politics of Real-time: A Device Perspective on Social Media Platforms and Search Engines

My co-authored article, with colleagues Esther Weltevrede and Carolin Gerlitz, has been published in Theory, Culture & Society Abstract This paper inquires in the politics of real-time in online media. It suggests that real-time cannot be accounted for as a universal temporal frame in which events happen, but explores the making of real-time from a […]

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The ephemerality of content hosting sites

This is a snapshot from a thread about “Child Stars: Then and Now” on the FOK forum, one of the biggest fora in the Netherlands. It is exemplary of fora whose community members rely on image content hosting sites to submit their content to a thread. Ephemerality has a connection to the real-time stream1 where […]

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Google officially welcomes the updatesphere

Last month Google announced the launch of their Real Time Search engine. By including real time search results Google has now officially embraced the updatesphere as a subsphere of “The Web,” as may be seen in the following figures. In my real time web results Google is indexing updates performed within the three popular micro-blogging […]

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